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my style is just an everyday style..like running for an errands, malling & shoppin not really about bussiness /formal its bec i dont work in a corporate world and when i starts working ill be wearing a scrubs.

Im exited & happy to share with you that I passed my NCLEX RN exam..Praise God. To God be the glory

i been in this blog for a year now and for that i really appreciate every one who follows me and sending me messages thank you so much.
For a change there will be some changes in my post pattern such as:

Monday , friday & saturday is just being me, like my regular daily posts, what i wear in my everyday lives, in running some errands and the likes

Tuesday anything & everything

Wednesday.. Inspiration photos & recreated look, its fun to recreate outfits of your favorite celebrities or anybody in the comfort of your own closet

Thursday threw back & recap

Sunday dress up day
my style varies , depending on my mood, event and environment..
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from business attire to casual

yesterday i posted an outfit for a job interview, today ill be posting the same top with a  shorts, 1 top but different look when paired with different items… so looking in our closet we never know what kind of outfit we can make right? just as simple as adding the  belt in the outfit and it will give you a different aura.

the right photo  is a business attire, while the left photo is just casual.. so depending on the bottoms , shoes and accessories we can create a lots of outfits in our closet.

last Thursday I have job interview in the morning, i wore the right photo, in the afternoon hubby & I went for a driving lesson i wore the left photo, i only change the shoes & bottoms and wallah the looks are so different

 for driving around the neighborhood, im already wearing the top so i just changed my shorts and put on a sneakers hoes for a comfy driving.

what i wore?

old navy top

bealls shorts

CR bag

 guess by Marciano shoes

NYS sunnies

Cr purse, Guess shoes, NYS sunnies

just waiting for my instructor 

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sunday series: dress up sunday

last Thursday i was called for a job interview i almost got the job it just that  the schedule is conflicting with my hubbys schedule haiiiizzzzz i wish i can magic my driving skills you know its not the first time that i lost an opportunity because i dont drive haiiizzzz but i still believe in a perfect timing , in Gods perfect time..

What to wear for a job interview well, a presentable clothes will do, clean & well press clothes . its been ages that i went for a job interview  so after i passed my Rn exam i been surfing online what to wear..and i learned that  pants is better than jeans/ denims, suits is the best but for me it depends on the weather, a simple cut dress will do, no low cut necklines, no sleeveless top, not so colorful clothes, go with neutral you wont go wrong with it. wear dress, skirt  of descent length, no minis.

How about  the shoes? closed shoes are the most appropriate piece to wear, no clogs , no super high heel shoes.

how about the bag? I’ve read that no big bags/ tote bags, a clutch or small satchel bags will do, always stocked a pen and notepad in your bag. i have this little vanity kit so i put my pen there , and for the small note pad i put them in my wallet.

Dont wear very strong perfume some people are allergic to perfumes and maybe the interviewer is one them. As for me i had a little spray of tropical scent perfume just for a fresher scent.

Dont wear too much make up, you’re not going to a night out / or a night party so just wear light , as for me i dont wear dark make up just a little  BB cream as my foundation, a little  berry rich blush from revlon and finished it up with a revlon pressed powder, lipstick is important because admit it or not job interview is so stressful and you don’t want to look so pale because your nervous so a little color will help but not too red either.

Not too much jewelry either, you’re not going there to show off your jewelry. I love statement pieces but for here i only used simple & small accessories.

and lastly always bring extra resume with you who knows you might need it , if you think that they already called you so they must have your resume don’t assume.

Just carry your self well , answer question clearly as possible if you know the job your applying for ,you can answer the question, and if what is written in your resume is true you can convey a conversation about your job experiences because for sure they will ask about your job history.

what i wore?

old navy top

worthington pants

Cr clutch 

coach watch

american eagle shoes

zales accessories

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shopping day with frendz

what I wore? im loving forever21 lately….

turquoise + coral=love

top & skirt forever21 top recent buy, skirt gifted by my sister 3 years ago

bag dooney & bourke recent buy hubbys birth day

shoes CR

accessories: necklace from bealls florida, earrings from local shop back home, bangles & bracelet silver from Saudi Arabia, bracelet gold from 1inch gold, watch from aldo, sunnies from CR

some souvenir photos with friends

so what did I scored?

I was happy & excited to find shoes that’s fits my super cute feet lol so expensive or not I usually grabbed it if l like it„, yesterday was a big score 

1. shoes: high hells red shoes wow been looking for one and size 5 ohh yea got yahhhh, I been crazy over wedge sneakers and I found one in camo yesterday and its just hard to let it go. I also grabbed gold flat shoes for my sister

2. red bag for my sister

3. skirts I know fall is coming but cant resist those floral skirts in forever 21 its on clearance and who don’t want to buy the clearance right?

4.shorts  even fall & winter is coming I live in Florida so I can still wear shorts for the coming months 

5.top ohh well I hate fall color lol but I bought it anyway.

6. socks aeropostale

7. shirt for hubby not on the photos every time I shopped tons for my self I always bought something for him too and he usually asked me why you bought me one I don’t need one

me…yea right when was the last time you shop for your self

hubby… because I don’t need a tons of clothes

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TGIF guys….. tropical prints… trying to maximize the season to wear tropical/ florals items in my closet fall is near approaching…

this week I been practicing driving everyday, I cant get a job because of that if the job schedule is conflict to my husband schedule then I cant take it, I miss those times in the Philippines that public transportation is every wherein I get tired of it when I was there but now im wishing I have the access to public transportation..

so for driving lesson I tried to wear the simplest outfit, just to drive around but I don’t want to wear my house clothes either…

what I wore?

top body central been altered

shorts mango 3 years old

shoes , bag  & sunnies charlotte russe

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throw back thursday with above the knee skirts

im into skater skirts lately but when I browse my pictures I realized that not just now even before I love sheer skirts, bubble skirts so heres the compilation of those outfits..

1.wore this for church 2 weeks ago, chosen by my angels, they picked the skirts, and my sister said white top will be perfect pair so okey guys, I added white accessories to complete the outfi..( sky bomber top, forever21 skirt, steps sandals, CR belt, swatch watch, zales accessories)


2. blushing grey I wore this for church last Sunday and I got lots of compliments thanks guys…im always a color coded fashionista sometimes I mixed loud colors too but most of the time I go with 1 neutral and 1 loud color or sometimes all neutrals, I don’t really wear mixed print its not my cup of tea ( fell free top, forever21 skirt, Jessica Simpson wedge sandal, CR convertible clutch , body central belt, coach watch , black mineral accessories)


3.polka dot  navy skirt, since the spots are white I decided to wear white tank top, wore this last Saturday for running some errands ( guess by Marciano top, gap skirt, CR shoes, black mineral accessories, aldo watch)


4. polka dot navy skirt with canary yellow to complete the outfit I added yellow shoes & navy blue accessories wore this for church couple of months ago ( body central top, gap skirt, CR shoes, beaded bag made by my sister, aldo watch, body central accessories)


5. the neutrals, coffee brown & cream. I had this top for maybe a year and never wear it yet and I almost put it I a garbage but being a pack rat sometime pays off because during our shopping trip in Orlando I spotted this cream skirt and the fit is perfect so with out a blink I throw it my shopping basket, as I was brain storming what to pair with the new stuff  I remember this top and wallah i had a church outfit ( bealls  top, agaci skirt ,python nue shoes, coach bag, necklace from a local shop back home, black mineral tigers eye bracelet & earrings, aldo watch)


6.floral & solid color im not brave enough to wear mixed prints its not my style  I guess. wore this for our shopping trip in Orlando, the skirts has tiny flowers  mixed of green ,orange & yellow so mixing it with orange is  a perfect math ( mine top from bealls, forever 21 skirt, guess flip tops ang bag, zales accessories, aldo watch)


7. the neutrals,  one of my favorite outfit  wore this for our Connecticut trip it was a long walk in the airport but the Jessica Simpson shoes was so comfy i don’t even fell any discomfort ( Cr  top, bandeau from a local store back home, leopard skirt from a local shop back home, MK bag)


8. leopard & mint wore this for my Doctors appointment several months ago, I like the color combo ( rue21 top, leopard skirt from a local shop back home, coach bag, BOc flat shoes, aldo watch)


9. red & leopard for Venice Fl trip, I love the place it was effing hot that day though but we had fun.. ( guess top, CR skirt, forever21 wedge sneakers, coach bag, coach aviator)



10. bubble skirt, the neutral, white & cream. KSA 2012, way back then when I was a bit slimmer lol, wore it for church ( basic top, tattoo skirt, steps sandal)


11. Nostalgia, miss those little candies I used to sucked up when I was a  little kid,  candy color, yellow & orange , sometimes I do combined 2 colorful colors too and its not bad after all ( kimono from my shop back home, tattoo skirt, F&F mode shoes, bangles from my shop back home, city lady necklace, large belt from my shop back home)


12.a 2 piece dress 2012, KSA (tattoo dress, f&f mode shoes)


12. with a white tee wore it for church , 2012, KSA ( basic top, tattoo skirt, F&F mode shoes)

13,blue & green combo  a two two skirt 2012 KSA ( austine top, tattoo skirt, F&F mode shoes)


14. another loud combination , fuchsia & canary yellow 2012 KSA ( morgan top, tattoo skirt, F&f mode shoes)


15. black & leopard combo  a hi-low skirt, Fl 2013 malling & shopping love this outfit ( top from my shop back home, tattoo skirt, F&F mode shoes, Calvin Klein bag, nine west aviator)


16.bubble skirt , neutral plus yellow, love the yellow-brown or yellow-black combo how about wearing them all together  hmm.. KSA 2012, wore it for church ( guess by Marciano jacket, morgan top, tatto skirt, steps booties, cit lady necklace, bangle from my shop back home)


17. bubble skirt, brown_orange combo I love the combo, Florida 2013 wore it for church ( liz top, tattoo skirt, nine west bag& aviator, F&F mode shoes H&M tights , city lady accessories )

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wednesday series inspiration photo and recreated look black and pink

two solid color black & pink plus gold accessories  love it…. i have very similar items in my closet so heres my version….shorts are “to go” outfit in Florida for its effing hot in here….

what i wore?

top calvin klein

shorts lei

bag & flip top guess by marciano

welcome to closet 

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hello guys how’s your week so far?

were back on practice driving after of a busy month now we have time to just chill in the house and drove around the neighborhood hopefully I will learn more n more each day ….

what I wore?

top souvenir shirt from boracay

body central shorts

nine west bag & aviator

boc leopard flats

old navy flip tops


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happy Monday guys, hoping the best for this week…everything is in Gods perfect time…so start your week with optimism and gladness in your heart.

Last Saturday hubby and I run some errands grocery shopping, meeting his friend, and i also swung by to my friends house to get food, Kristina cook a dessert and she gave me some. It was a busy day….

during the grocery shopping I dont know my hubby keeps on  picking sweets,

Me….sweet huh”

he usually bought the sweets and i bought the fruits, im not fan of veggies but im a fruit lover…

what i wore? 

top guess by marciano

skirt by gap

bag  guess by marciano

shoes by CR

sunnies by guess by marciano

accessories  black minerals earrings, bracelet & pendant, aldo watch,tri-tone chain 

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